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cable telecom Industry


For decades, the global Cable & Telecom industry has been propped up by hundreds, if not thousands of high-frequency, manual and repetitive processes. To ensure appropriate service delivery, these rules-based tasks need to be highly reliable, accurate and time-sensitive. But this is not always possible in the face of changing market conditions and increasing service demands.

eClerx Roboworx RPA offers a highly scalable solution for Cable & Telecom companies looking to extract more value out of their businesses and pass on this value to their customers. Roboworx can be tailored for a number of use cases in highly reliable and accurate ways. It has already delivered tangible value to all over the world by enhancing their outcomes for:

  • Output quality
  • Operational efficiency
  • Industry competitiveness
  • Resource productivity
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Data generation and analysis

Roboworx can provide either full or partial automation depending on process/task complexity, client needs and business goals.



cable telecom

Cable & Home Internet Service

A customized Roboworx solution streamlined the process of auditing end customers’ accounts to automatically identify and remove superfluous devices, and make appropriate billing-related corrections.

cable telecom

US-Based Cable/Home
Internet/Telephony Company

Automated extraction of customer call data to quickly close service agent skill gaps and improve customer relationship management.

cable telecom

Global Broadcasting & Cable

Deployment of 24x7 robots automated 95% of the customer chat process and reduced AHT by 40%.