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financial services


A customized, minimally-disruptive Roboworx solution achieved monthly savings of 454 hours (3 FTE) plus improved AHT and enhanced user experience.

travel and leisure

Competitive Intelligence (Ci) Solution

Firms can extract near real-time market/competitor data to optimize their offerings and increase sales while also reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and enhancing customer experiences.

payment getway


Automated the migration of email campaigns to a new platform to increase productivity by 40%, reduce manual effort by 75% and bring error rate down to 0.

cable telecom

Cable & Home Internet Service Provider

A customized Roboworx solution streamlined the process of auditing end customers’ accounts to automatically identify and remove superfluous devices, and make appropriate billing-related corrections.

cable telecom

US-Based Cable Company

Automated extraction of customer call data to quickly close service agent skill gaps and improve customer relationship management.

cable telecom

Global Broadcasting & Cable Company

Deployment of 24x7 robots automated 95% of the customer chat process and reduced AHT by 40%.

hi tech

Multinational Computer Technology Company

Automated, ‘always-on’ solution to audit site content and find gaps in product/brand information across multiple geographies and languages.

hi tech

B2B Computer Products Company

Customized Roboworx implementation simplified the burdensome task of keeping product portfolio updated, relevant and agile for incoming orders.

hi tech

Computer Manufacturer & Reseller

Contact database management – a manual, time-sensitive process – automated to provide real-time, critical inputs for high-value marketing initiatives.

hi tech

Global Computer Technology Provider

Manual, time-consuming process of swapping products in specific order codes automated; manual dependency reduced by 90%.

hi tech

US-Based Technology Pioneer

Automation of project support and tracking process to accommodate increased project volumes, demanding customer requests and tight timelines.