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hi-tech Industry


In today’s hi-tech business landscape, industry leaders are looking to streamline their business processes, particularly those that are manual, deterministic and repetitive. Their goal is to counter inefficiencies, improve performance and enable their workforce to focus on more strategic, customer-facing tasks.

Roboworx RPA has delivered stunning results for a number of organizations in the hi-tech industry. It has taken over the processing of repetitive, long-running and high volume tasks, while almost eliminating the need for human intervention, thus delivering outstanding results in terms of increased efficiency, cost reduction, FTE savings and improved productivity. A number of processes have benefited from the human-robot synergistic approach of Roboworx such as:

  • Customer support
  • Account management
  • Data migration and database management
  • Brand content audit
  • Product portfolio management
  • Product operations
  • Project tracking

Roboworx is completely customizable and non-invasive so it can be implemented on existing systems and interfaces without disrupting processes or causing costly downtime.