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Your organization receives massive amounts of data from emails, documents, phone transcripts and customer reviews every day. Are you struggling to organize, classify and interpret this data?

You need an RPA solution. You need Minerva!

Minerva analyzes unstructured data from several sources to extract useful information from them. So whether you need to perform a frequency analysis or automatically tag sections of text, with Minerva, managing large amounts of data is easier than ever!

MinervaA World-class AI-powered RPA

Automation IconEnd-to-end

To identify and analyze data and extract meaning from it

Integration Icon Seamless

Minimal disruption to existing workflows or architectures

Document Icon Document Scanning &

Scan legal documents like contracts and agreements for clause mapping and analysis

Intuitive Intuitive and
Easy To Use

Little to no user training required

Manual Operations Simplify
Manual Operations

Automation saves time and effort

chatbot Interactive

For immediate assistance and issue resolution

Powered by TechnologyMade for Business

With Minerva’s powerful technology stack, you can track issues, analyze text content and maintain NLP models without needing to rely on skilled data scientists or other experts!

Machine Learning & Deep Learning

With ML and DL algorithms, Minerva:

  • Finds key entities and recognizes relationships among them
  • Recognizes and analyzes patterns in documents to extract useful information
  • Classifies articles into categories based on historical data

Text Mining & Analytics

  • For semantic analysis of news articles
  • Automates information extraction
  • Converts raw data into information, knowledge and intelligence

Natural Language Processing

Using NLP techniques, Minerva:

  • Analyzes the linguistic features of each language including morphology and grammar
  • Enables users to extract meaning from content

AI-Augmented OCR

Minerva’s in-built OCR/AI combination lets you effortlessly label or convert thousands of documents with ease – that too in the format of your choice!

Ready to customize, implement and optimize Minerva for your organization? Talk to us!