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Powerful RPA Solution for Testing and Defects Tracking

  • Minimize effort for test case preparation and change management
  • Effortlessly manage test runs, track test results and measure progress
  • Graphical view, centralized reports and high-quality insights

Integrated Platform forAutomated Testing

Test management

  • Adapts to any SDLC: Waterfall, Agile, Devops
  • Test planning and change management
  • Configure test case steps easily

Reporting Reporting

  • Testing summary report
  • Derived metrics report
  • Web vulnerability scanning
  • Sprint-wise testing

testing Full testing coverage on every platform

  • Desktop
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • API

Test execution Test execution

  • Tag test cases for automation
  • Trigger automation testing
  • Prepare for performance testing

The TestworxAdvantage

Testworx saves hours of manual effort for testing teams. It integrates seamlessly with business processes to streamline the testing cycle, optimize defects management and simplify change management.

World-Class Architecture

Testworx automation bots can be configured with very little scripting – ideal even for testers with minimal development experience. Best of all – these bots can be reused for similar functions and applications.

World-Class Architecture

Developer-Friendly, Unified Solution

With Testworx, you can accelerate end-to-end testing, increase test coverage and eliminate bottlenecks with minimum hassle and maximum ease.

  • Single platform for multiple projects, requirements and test cases
  • Drag & drop function to configure test case steps
  • Executive, detailed, real-time reporting with replay functionality and error logs
  • Batch run and notification functionalities
  • Visual representation of test case failures at the step level
  • Recording of test execution steps as videos
  • Logging of test case execution results at every step
  • Auto-execute test cases at pre-defined times
  • Automatically log defects and capture detailed metadata

Multi-Stage Testing Pipeline

Testworx can be used by any team for any kind of project and at any stage of testing maturity from Assessment to Reporting.

Multi-Stage Testing Pipeline