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Extract meaningful, business-critical information from images and video

In the modern world, visual cues like images, photographs and videos are everywhere. Can we derive useful, meaningful information from them? With Computer Vision, yes we can! eClerx Theia harnesses the power of Computer Vision technology to effortlessly acquire visual data and process it at lightning-fast speeds. It thus empowers businesses to draw useful insights that enhance their decision-making capability and reach for bigger, better goals in their industry.



Theia can be customized for any industry or application, right from automating processes and enhancing consumer experiences to reducing operational costs and controlling quality outcomes. It can even be used to make predictions to guide the business’ future strategic direction.

Robust Architecture

Theia’s architecture is perfectly suited to marry Computer Vision’s technological prowess with real-world business applications. Powerful, expandable and yet user-friendly, Theia delivers consistent, high-performance computing power that can be easily utilized by many platforms and applications.

Robust Architecture

Scalable, Repeatable Process

Theia emulates human vision through three main processing components, executed serially, one after the other:

  • Image acquisition in real-time through video, photos or 3D technology
  • Image processing with advanced algorithms and Deep Learning models
  • Image understanding to recognize, track or classify objects

Based on this understanding, Theia can even take actions to help a business meet specific objectives and accomplish certain goals.

Multiple Use Cases

Theia has already been implemented for multiple use cases in different industries:

  • Image auditing and matching
  • Defect detection
  • Background removal
  • Image meta-tagging
  • Image labeling
  • Logo detection
  • Watermark detection

Theia can be customized to fit your organization’s needs and the nature of your data, so you can optimize the turnaround time of your visual data-based operations while improving output quality, controlling costs and increasing profitability.

Deep Learning Technology With Neural Networks

Theia is not just about converting a picture or video into pixels but about mobilizing the capabilities of Deep Learning and neural networks to replicate human vision. As a result, it can interpret what those pixels represent, recognize patterns and even understand the bigger picture. This allows businesses to extract valuable information from visual data that can help with real-world problem-solving and decision-making.