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AI-powered conversational agent for amazing customer experiences

Your customers expect to stay connected with you in real time. But do you have the resources to meet this demand on a large scale? If not, eClerx has the perfect solution – the Virtual Assistant! With this versatile, interactive chatbot, you can stay open for business 24x7 without downtime or interruptions. The tool lightens the load for your team so they can focus on what really matters – engaging with customers and consistently delivering richer experiences that keep them coming back for more.



eClerx Virtual Assistant can be customized for multiple use cases, from customer support to analytics/reporting and even automated ticketing.

Virtual Assistant for Customer Support

With Virtual Assistant, organizations can automate responses to commonly asked questions and thus provide more proactive support to customers, day or night. Using Natural Language Understanding (NLU), the tool can understand a user’s intent and reply accordingly.

For more complex or sensitive tasks, it can gather relevant information from customers and then quickly connect them to a real person – enhancing customer support outcomes and delivering better customer experiences.

It automatically categorizes service requests into predefined buckets, resulting in effective workforce management and faster issue resolution.

Virtual Assistant for Training

Virtual Assistant auto-creates scenarios using training data and interacts with trainee agents as a ‘customer’. By providing a simulation-based learning model, it eliminates the need to create chat scenarios manually. Furthermore, it enables customer support agents to familiarize themselves with the process so they can practice for real situations before they hit the production floor. In addition to increased scenario coverage, Virtual Assistant also delivers more powerful outcomes for trainers by increasing the number of practice chats per batch.

Virtual Assistant as Ticketing Intelligent Assistant (TIA)

The chatbot can be configured to create, process and close support tickets, which frees up support staff for other more critical tasks. Machine Learning technology reviews historical data to ‘train’ the system, which not only streamlines the support process, but also increases resolution speeds.

Give your chatbot a human touch with round-the-clock availability, timely service delivery and user-friendly operations – with eClerx Virtual Assistant TIA!

Virtual Assistant for Reporting

With the underlying power of Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing, the Virtual Assistant can be tailored to deliver enhanced reporting and analytics capability to any business process or department. End users can easily write real-time queries and it can be customized to deliver custom data extracts with minimal inputs required from IT experts. With search-powered analytics, users can get powerful data and visual extracts that can be utilized for business strategy discussions and decision-making.

Its intuitive user interface takes ‘free text’ inputs from users in chat format and then presents Key Process Indicator (KPI) values in text or graphical format. It does this very quickly, delivering about 70% time savings on average for all KPI reports, not just a few.

RESTful web service integration makes it possible to communicate and transfer data to/from portal to the Chatbot engine. Moreover, the loose coupling of the bot with the portal allows for modular design, which adds further flexibility, scalability and ease of use to the system.