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Financial Services

If there is one global industry that has witnessed a lot of dynamic movement and innovative development in the past few years, it has to be BFSI (Banking & Financial Services). At the same time, massive counter-competition from FinTech has made it imperative for the industry to find newer, more efficient ways to optimize costs and remain competitive while providing exceptional customer experiences.

Enter RPA. Enter eClerx Roboworx! Roboworx serves as a useful tool to effectively address the ever-changing demands of the BFSI sector. By harnessing the power of manual-robotic synergy for rules-based processes – that too in a completely customizable avatar – Roboworx can help BFSI organizations:

  • Reduce manual dependency
  • Maximize process efficiency and accuracy
  • Reduce costs
  • Repurpose skilled human resources for more critical, customer-focused tasks



financial services


Acustomized, minimally-disruptive Roboworx solution achieved monthly savings of 454 hours (3FTE) plus improved AHT and enhanced user experience.