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Travel & Leisure

The high-volume, transaction-based travel and leisure industry is ripe for the many advantages offered by eClerx Roboworx RPA.

In most travel companies, staff feel shackled by the demands of managing bookings, processes and systems – all data processing tasks that are manual, cumbersome, time-consuming and prone to errors. At the same time, travelers still seek a human touch for help, advice and recommendations. This is a challenge that many travel professionals are unable to adequately meet. As a result, these firms often face a conundrum where they are forced to trade off between i) customer experience and ii) process efficiency.

Roboworx RPA can help travel firms achieve the right balance by automating numerous processes, particularly those requiring rules-based, manual inputs. Because Roboworx dramatically (and permanently) reduces processing times and costs, it enables staff to move away from data processing tasks like itinerary creation and bookings, and concentrate more on the singular aspect that makes the biggest difference to their business: their customers.




Competitive Intelligence (Ci)
Solution for Travel/Leisure Firms

Firms can extract near real-time market/competitor data to optimize their offerings and increase sales while also reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and enhancing customer experiences.