Roboworx loader
retail industry


As highly people-dependent industries, both manufacturing and retail are ripe for the many opportunities offered by RPA and eClerx Roboworx.

RPA is already helping manufacturers and retailers improve the results of daily production activities. But Roboworx is so agile and industry-friendly that it can also be used to achieve automated efficiencies in other areas as well. These include back office processes, customer support, database management, payment processing and much more.

Roboworx can enable organizations in these industries achieve high efficiency, productivity and cost-effectiveness by automating routine, rules-based tasks on a large scale. It can also:

  • Optimize time-sensitive and/or repetitive processes
  • Increase operational and human resource agility
  • Minimize process errors, increase compliance and improve quality outcomes
  • Reduce costs
  • Maximize productivity and increase go-to-market speeds